looking to change banks – but will it hurt my home loan application?

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i’m in the process of looking for a new home. our mortgage lender had given us a page of items we’ll need once we find something and put an offer in. on it, was 2 months of statements from all bank accounts.
well, today i was balancing my checkbook and there were a bunch of fees from using my visa debit card. there were always fees, but they doubled, without my bank ever telling me they were doing so. i’ve never liked this bank, and now i’m liking it even less. so i’m thinking of switching my checking account over to the bank where i have my saving accounts (they are at a different bank because they are linked to my fiance’s accounts, and they had no fees and better interest rates).
so my question is, if i switch over to this bank, will it hurt my chances at the loan since i will not have 2 months of statements? i would still have 2 months from the OLD bank, but not the new one.
i left a message for my mortgage lady, but she’s on vacation and wont be back until monday. ideas?
if i opened the new account today, then it would be 2 months untill we got 2 months of statements, and we’re trying to put an offer on a house today or at least in the next week or 2, so that would still be 1.5 months of no statements….

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    February 11, 2011 at 2:23 am

    It won’t because you will have statements from the old showing the withdrawal and closure and then new statements from the new bank showing an opening and the same balance.

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