Loan Officer position in Houston, TX?

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I have an interview on Monday for a Loan Officer position, I worked in the mortgage industry last year (2007) and resigned because of my high risk pregnancy and our relocation to TX…I was really good for the 10 months I was an Account Executive but I mostly worked Retention. However, I know the mortgage industry is quite shaky…the position offers a base salary plus commission structure…which is great….they do FHA, VA and other products….so I haven’t interviewed yet, but I just want to make sure if it’s worth going….Serious answers please…thanks, God Bless

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    May 3, 2011 at 6:18 am

    As long as the meat and potatoes part of your compensation package is salary, I’d say go for it. I know alot of great mortgage people that have left the business the past few years because they were mostly commission. Because the lenders have tightened up their restrictions so severely, those commissions are getting harder to come by.

    The pendelum has got to swing the other way eventually, but I suspect it is going to be at least a year before restrictions start to relax.

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