Lenders are required to disclose the lender paid mortgage insurance borrowers?

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I recently tried to refinance the program, the harp, and was told I could not, because the lender paid mortgage insurance company to service my loan program is part As part of the harp. The problem is that I never knew that my mortgage insurance. I did some research and discovered that the owners Protection Act requires that lenders disclose the LPMI. Is that so? And if so, what are my options?

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    good guy
    February 18, 2011 at 2:34 am

    hire a RE attorney, and pay the $ 100 consultation fee, or whatever it is, the money spent could save you a bundle. Or maybe if you have a city/county assistance program, they could help. Ask around, to neighbors, your bank, etc for help. maybe call your state representative and tell them you are a voter, they may also help. good luck.

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