legal advice to clarify an unjust decision against me?

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I live in Texas. I try to change my mortgage payments to catch on. I am aware that there is a verdict against my husband, a very common name. It is a vehicle finance company (Ford), we have never done business with. I was in the office of county clerk for information about it. This is clearly not my husband. It is almost impossible to stop a mortgage bank (Wells Fargo) for answers. Negotiators working on my case like these forms, indicating that we are authorized within five working days. I’m lost! I’m not sure what it states from the county clerks office can not give them to me means nothing, we are clear, since the decision is not clear mail. I am told, a “sworn statement is not me,” I do not know where I can get one. Could someone please move my fear is gone, lol give me some advice. Seriously, thank you!

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    Smilin'Bob_ The Enzyte Guy
    May 18, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Pull your credit report, and DISPUTE the item on your credit report. Demand that the creditor ” Prove the debt”. You will have to do this for all 3 reporting agencies

    In 30 days, they have to prove that you DO owe… or remove the mark…

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