Is this a good solution to the housing crisis?

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The problem now is that if you have positive earnings in your bank they have no reason to reduce your payments failed, and because they earn money and wants every penny press, that payment and if you do not show enough to cover the bill moves on the right bank to a loss and ask the government for their money zurück.Meine solution, we hope that on March 4, the government will look like, it would be:-This is a fixed interest rate from 4.5 to 6% who need to change banks. You will receive the lower end or high-end is based on credit. The banks are still profitable at 5% and if it is not because the Fed is trying to make money from his money Monopol. How many countries in Western Europe, 3 times your income to your mortgage payment to get the change-werden. As a borrower you are not the blame be paid at the rear end is ready and / or if the lender new home to qualify for the current value for the above rules, you are entitled to positive equity enjoy this moment, the parties receiving the Verlust.Das is everything. So if you are a 500,000 for a house loan of 300,000 to 5% you receive payments of about 2K a month for which you need to make your 6K per month, you should evaluate the property back at market value, your loan payments will increase to $ 1,250, for which your income should be about 4K a month, but you lose any equity in your future Hause.Wenn is still too expensive, you can not afford not to be and more. The agreement can only be done once, and if something in the future when you lose your job, your only option, the current standard reimbursement Pläne.Was do you think and what is so difficult to implement this? The only problem I see is that banks prefer to sulk and get off on purpose, to cut saved as any lowering of tax rates.

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    Repuke I
    May 19, 2011 at 3:45 am

    people will pay 3 TIMES what a house is worth when the payments are done..

    The skyrocketing over-inflated house prices leave people in a
    HOLE…. no buyers………the market will bottom out as more people lose jobs to china…and more houses go into foreclosure..

    offfering people new CLEAN CREDIT is the best….
    than subsiding house payments for unemployed and
    over priced home owners….

    refinancing zillions of homes for home owners…
    and giving unemployed people that same credit…options
    with a new job……..


    unitl people WAKE UP and stop the DRAIN ON JOBS from china

    the BOTTOM is far deeper than now


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