Is there a government conspiracy for us and slowly, why?

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I have perfect credit, never late on a payment in my life. I mortgages, credit cards and student loans and I am in good standing, with an income is allowed to me durchziehen.Meine 756th Fico I asked for a loan from the bank ever wider and asked for a car loan. I was turned down everywhere. I wanted my second mortgage that the rate of 10.50% was Refi. I was back. I mean this is the case for everyone. What happens if I needed the loan to repay debt explodes or an emergency situation or of my car and I need to get a new job. We are very geschnallt.Meine limit credit card for almost 20 years I’ve never had a late payment, had a credit limit of 27,000. It was until 7000 reduziert.Was night and why the hell is going ???????????????? Why has ordered that we failed? Why billions and billions of these loans wihtout companies say they have restrictions to facilitate ready to help us? (B of A spent their “rescue” money to buy shares in a Chinese bank). What’s up? Please fill me because I start dispise.Warum gov say that everyone I have my credit up already? Explore the mine is $ 5000 with a zero balance. I had room on my other card, which reduced. I have equity in my house, but they froze the account I can not take something out of my own actions.

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