Is the homless sector of the American population the…?

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…next super bonanza for big business to exploit? I mean with millions of Americans moving into their vehicles so they have a roof over their heads, I’m sure 12 volt mini washers, dryers & water heaters would be a major market for the appliance industry!
So many opportunities here folks! I mean just because they lost their homes dosen’t mean there’s not more to be fleeced from them. As auto loans turn into “mobile mortgages” just think of the interest to be made in this sector!
AND, Detroit!!! The auto sector will take off like a rocket for sure! With Americans living “mobile”, the need for bigger vehicles to raise a family in will be tremendous! It’ll be the return of the 1950’s sized Edsels & Caddies & a major boom in van sales!
This brings up the chance for MAJOR profits in the profit starved petroleum industry not to mention the contracting business for vehicle remodeling! PLUS, the return of custom auto upholstery & carpeting. I mean the list is endless here folks. Bib, big bucks in this upcoming sector!
Just remember the cardinal rule of business… “Just because a person is fleeced blind, you can still pick out their eyes & sell em to a laboratory”!

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    May 19, 2011 at 9:58 am


    Sarcasm will get you everywhere


    It is most unfornate that we have such a large population in the “homeless” sector – bu tthat sector will only continue to GROW as we keep this fiat system in place and we keep bailing out private orgainizations with public monies

    So, they want a bail out plan huh? OK well heres one they should b ethinking about – most people want to keep thier homes – instead o fthe monies gon gto bail out the private institution – why not just stop charging income tax for a year an dlet the people make thier payments

    this will solve three problems – one, the bail outs wont be needed – two, people will have thier money in thier hands and be able to do stuff with it – three, people will see the government doesnt need income tax to survive

    oh – wait – we cant let people know that – it would mean they realize they dont need the government – we cant allow that – if we did the government woldnt have any more slaves to control


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