Is it something that we would be able to go? (Please do not reply if you hate giving detailed answers)?

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Long story short, we live in a house that is slowly falling apart over the years. It was built in the 1950th He needs lots of repairs, so I am not qualified to do, and for us it’s just not worth the repairs. I made some cosmetic repairs (filling, sanding, painting) and other plumbing repairs and more. We are eager to get closer to my brother, who lives in the town about 30 miles or more away from us. We are a city of Decatur, Georgia. Probably around 53k behind due to the previous mortgage refinancing, which took place at 7 or 8 years because my mother has another urgent need to get rid of debts. We lost my father when I was 10, and the house was his name, but my mother’s name was changed over a long period. My elder brother married and moved out, and do not do something your mother can help him. So I try to do what I’ve done for years. I want us to do, if possible, the mother samuti.Mu is a pretty basic job and only about $ 20k per year. He took his work for about 8 years … it has a lot of stability as the length of service (I know you have to be employed to work at least two years to obtain the same house, which is why I said that). I make $ 18K max aastas.Ma probably do not know what to do with us out of here, or how to even start. The first thing people seem to like such a cliche answer is “Find an agent to talk to!” Even though I know it is useful … they just want to try to sell as quickly as possible and get your money as soon as possible, of course. I hope it will sell at least enough to pay the balance of 53k. But this is only room 2, 1 bath brick house … So I try to be realistic, too. In the basement is a bricked-off the entire area of ​​land that the FHA under the former owners of digging before my mother and my father could not move (about 20 feet long and about 3.5 feet deep, there a big hole in one end and a sump pump and heating machine boilers and other … which always makes me nervous when it rains a lot). The house is a serious roach problem bug, which I doubt Exterminator would be able to completely get rid of (I tried unsuccessfully for years for virtually all products available). I think maybe we should just try to sell one of these companies that pay contractors to come and do not work after you buy a house. But I heard they do not pay much of a house, so I was wondering if we had not nearly enough to even get rid of that mortgage. I learned that apparently it is not possible at all, would be able to get the “two mortgages (even if we could physically put the money to pay for both at the same time) … because of my low-income mothers. On the other hand, I have good credit … but do not want the house to my name, and do not want to co-sign “is that the effort to me the next 20-30 years jooksul.Mida we can do, if anything that moves? I considered taking out a large loan from a bank … but it would simply borrow money to pay the money already in front, than having everyone, plus a new hüpoteegiga.On other questions, which I do not think so, take control of the house at all. A lot of the plumbing is galvanized and / or installed “wrong” according to the codes of today. House appears to be electrically redone. People before us have had the carpet in the attic and their children slept upstairs, the inspector is not so stupid and I thought the floor under the carpet, it was crap inexpensive fiber has since been broken over the years and you must be careful when you go out there or you could go through the roof. So as you see … there are many questions and I am extremely disappointed that you even think about presenting a house as a real estate agent to try müüa.Siiski went to other homes when they asked curiously high amount and the windows smashed, broken stuff for them, etc. .. It made me look a bit. The bug problem that bothers me is much, but … it is difficult to sell a house niimoodi.Oleme also does not try to buy a new home. We even went to check on the occasion of seizures and low-cost houses for about $ 40 – $ 60K, whose structure is much better than our current home (but do not go, because we are not pre-approved or something else). I run a small painting of things, carpets and various household items. I can not big things, even if many of these houses seem to be fine, but they were in foreclosure or just need some TLC.

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    April 29, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    try this sight
    I was reading somethings on there, you may get some info or help there. Good luck!
    PS: if worse comes to worse,she could default on the loan, I’m not recomending that but…you could also list it as a fixer up, as is, some people buy houses cheap, fix them up and resell them.your mom maybe able toget a grant for home repair as well. thats why i gave you the HUD sight.

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    April 29, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    What does your Mom want to do? Sounds to me like she is stuck there and as long as you help with expenses. The two of you can keep yourselves afloat.

    You could contact a real estate agent to give you an idea of how much the property would bring in an “as is” sale. More than likely there would be no profit and at best a break even situation.

    Then you move thirty miles away from your and your mom’s work and rent a house or an apartment. What have you gained? Was it worth it? Are both of you better off?

    My advice is make the house livable for now. If you need to move on then maybe your Mom can find someone to move in with her and share expenses. The bottom line is that this is no time to sell or quit a job. Be patient.

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