Is it common practice for a bank to say “you don’t need that much down” (on a mortgage loan)?

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Are they just trying to suck more interest out of me or are they truly (doubt it) looking out for me in the sense of keeping ample savings aside?
I am keeping plenty aside, but I want to put as much down to keep my payments, interest as low as possible.. But twice 2 different lenders said you won’t need all that down, I said I know but I want my mortgage to be comfortable. They weren’t exactly arguing, but they surely weren’t excited over my down payment. One guy started to get sarcastic saying just buy it out right then, why bother with a loan.. Well I can’t afford to do that, but the sarcasm was unnecessary, and no, we’re not going through him.
Why are they trying to convince me to put less down? Is it to suck more interest out of me, do they get a cut on the bigger the loan they approve, what’s the deal!?
Thanks Madhatter, I appreciate the tips!

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