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If your a IRS agent that deals with income tax. How come you continue to screw people with making them pay a tax that isn’t required to be paid. And if your a tax attorney/lawyer. Why do you help your clients deal/pay income taxes when they don’t even have to. What I mean by this is there is no definition in the Internal Revenue Code anywhere of the word ” income”. They say you must self assess your self because of voluntary compliance. Here is a section from the book ” The Federal Mafia” which will explain what I mean.

“In addition to using deliberately deceptive (though technically not false) language in its official publications, IRS employees (from the top to the bottom) lie profusely (though some are obviously just merely ignorant concerning the “law” that they believe they are enforcing) in letters and conversations with the public and in all tax prosecutions and civil litigation. In all of my civil and criminal litigation I never once have come across an attorney for either the IRS or the tax division of the Justice Department who told the truth about federal income taxes. (Numerous examples appear in following chapters.)

On top of all of this, the government gets total support from a duplicitous federal judiciary, who will not only boldly lie from the bench about alleged “requirements” under our income tax “laws,” but in furtherance of the government’s mammoth deception, it helps it intimidate the public by conducting illegal trials and by knowingly sending innocent people to jail. So, if our all-powerful federal judiciary is willing to collectively lie about this tax, and to close ranks in sending innocent people to jail-who’s going to challenge it on this issue?

It should also be obvious, that if I have to devote the next 200+ pages of this book trying to convince you of something that the government has already told you at least a dozen times is voluntary-then somebody has done a number on your psyche!

The Red Light Story

If you ask the IRS (or anyone else in government for that matter) the meaning of “voluntary compliance” you will get a lot of double talk. When I first concluded that filing income tax returns was voluntary (based on some of the government documents and statements shown herein), I decided to check out my conclusion with the IRS. I called and asked, “Is filing an income tax return based on voluntary compliance?” “It is,” I was told. “In that case,” I said, “I don’t want to volunteer.” “You have to volunteer,” I was informed. “If I have to volunteer,” I replied, “wouldn’t that make compliance compulsory and not voluntary?” “No,” the agent answered, “voluntary compliance is similar to our motor vehicle laws; you voluntarily stop at a red light-but if you don’t, you get a ticket!” I objected to this reasoning by pointing out that if I could be ticketed, stopping at a red light (or obeying other traffic regulations) was compulsory, and not based on “voluntary compliance” at all. “No,” the agent insisted, “you stop voluntarily.” His reasoning was based on the absurd logic that since nobody was physically in the car making me stop, then I stopped “voluntarily.” If that is true, then all criminal laws are based on “voluntary compliance,” since nobody physically prevents anyone from committing murder, rape, bank robberies, etc., etc. But law enforcement people never claim that those laws are based on “voluntary compliance.”

The agent, of course, was trying to confuse me-although he himself might have been confused. The IRS obviously indoctrinates all new agents with the “red light” story, so that they will be able to confuse the public if the question ever comes up.”

This is one of many reasons and things this guy states in this book why we don’t have to pay income tax. Even me, my self. Have tested this and called up IRS agents my self and have asked them these questions. The first time I called up, and asked the guy. ” Do I have to pay income tax”. The guy was being all evasive and carefully answering his questions. Why would he be doing this? Hmm……. I wonder why……… Another time I called up a lady said she wasn’t allowed to answer questions from the Internal Revenue Code and only from her manuals. Even though the 6 IRS agents I called before her did. And when I said this, she told me what they did was wrong and they weren’t suppose to. Yea right, BS. And here is a supreme court ruling that shows you don’t have to pay income tax

“Keep(ing) in mind the well settled rule that the citizen is exempt from taxation unless the same is imposed by clear and unequivocal language, and that where the construction of a tax law is doubtful, the doubt is to be resolved in favor of those upon whom the tax is sought to be laid.” Spreckles Sugar Refining Co. v. McClain, 192 US 397, 416, 24 S.Ct. 383
For people that don’t know what that means. It means that if a tax law isn’t clear in what its taxing/requiring you to do. It means its a void law.
So why do you guys manipulate/ do your jobs incorrectly?

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