International mortgage for Brazil property (high end apartment)?

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Any suggestions gratefully received.

I own an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil that I am looking to refinance, with a higher loan value (increase the value of loan). The current value is USD 1,000,000 and I have a mortgage with a Brazilian bank. The mortgage is equivalent of USD 500,000 giving a loan to value of 50%. Refinancing is very difficult in Brazil – the main banks DO NOT offer this product. I am therefore looking to find an international lender/private lender who is willing to provide this type of financing.

I am an expat partner with one of the big-4 professional services firms, based in Brazil, with a very good income and credit history. Property financing in Brazil is very different to what I have experienced..

Considering that I may need to consider alternative options (for example, international lender) I will also take appropriate legal advice.

Any suggestions?

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    Anna W
    February 19, 2011 at 4:16 am

    If you can afford for a apartment for 1m $ , you can afford for a decent lawyer as well. Don’t waste your time here, get an appointment.

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