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to rewrite mortgages and are only less than 300,000 of 4% and credit card debt than people borrow money from the gov’t instead of 8 or 10%? The govt even lent money to people and this country back on track. Instead of wasting reward banks and jewelry, still wasting money and bubbles without any restrictions. What do you think it would be better and help business people, or let the banks vis taxpayers pay the bill, which does not always help? How about not paying more businesses belonging to foreigners without taxes here? I do not think it is essential that they have the people here, they do not have people working the land, let em go for it big and we do not set taxes on their property as will be better? Other governments ensure that people are “protected” Do you think we can just capitalism at our expense, while the other copy in the fall and we better? How all these smart advisers have no advice except to continue to do the same lame? PFO, many companies that have made this country based overseas from Mexico, for example a chocolate & s $ , is always present, but its seat was transferred to Ayr TEHM 285million dollars in taxes U.S. to save our gov’t! Good for her, except for loss of income, as some here are doing and the burden of the dollar is lost on people. I have no price cuts leave thousands of countries, noted, even the largest computer companies and most want to do low wages in this country, acquiring new work visas! But they are now “foreign ownership” as American names of old

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    May 1, 2011 at 8:59 am

    It would be a good thing to do, and I would prefer we do that, but we’d basically force the taxpayers to eat trillions worth in losses up front without any way of offsetting that cost. It would cause hyperinflation and money might become worthless overnight.

    “How about no more foreign owned business here not paying taxes?”

    I’m not sure that is taking place, corporations operating within the US are liable to pay corporate taxes. Then again, I doubt many foreign corporations are anxiously opening up shop in the US.

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    May 1, 2011 at 9:43 am

    You are absolutely correct. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Here’s a more complete idea.

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    May 1, 2011 at 10:27 am

    I think that if Mr. Obama had any amount of head on his shoulders, he would roll back the NAFTA agreement as well as all of the unfair trade agreements that require us to pay tariffs on everything while the other countries get rebates. This might actually encourage businesses to keep their business at home. He should also out law labor unions. They only manage to artificially inflate the cost of production. Let’s face it, they are a dinosaur. We have labor laws now that protect the laborer.

    But for him to do any of this, would mean having to admit that the DNC has been wrong for a very long time. He’d alienate himself from the very slobs who put him in office. So, what’s more important? Admitting you’re wrong, changing course and guarantying that you’ll never see a second term? Or, saving the country? Remember, the Democrats have always been about enslaving the masses to government jobs and programs, rendering them totally dependent upon big government to meet their every need.

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    May 1, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Well my concern is that GREED IS GREED and you’re bailing out the greediest SOBS there are in this world.

    And in the meantime, you as poor as poor can be (and you’ll be there soon if you’re not…I was once thinking nothing could ever usurp my perfect world either) will find that as you age, no one gives a SH*T about you. As you get old and sick there is NO ONE for you. You have to count on your family or your friends and if you don’t have something saved up for those days well I think you’re going to hear many more sad exit stories as people’s lives fall to pieces and others who lie like sick sardines piled in a can somewhere waiting for help their tears and desperate cries willl fall on deaf ears even if they get the help that comes too little too late.

    I’m watching it all unfold and happen now to my aging loved ones and think wow…one day that’s going to be ME and there’s going to be an ARMY of us boomers there and government hasnt done SQUAT to prepare for this aging population. It’s a full time job and waiting game that people can’t afford as the time ticks and you fade away past the point of no return.

    It’s going to be a very miserable and depressing time and people will look the other way just as they do now, only it’s YOU they are going to be casting their eyes away from.

    Had government been doing their job right all along we would not be in this mess.

    Greed, a false sense of security and an illusion of entitlement got the better of people and they can pump all the money they can print for all of eternity and it isn’t going to fix the fundamental problem of capitalism and greed.

    That’s really my take on it.

    This is about the HAVES saving what they HAVE LEFT for fear they will become what the rest of us are but the rest of us haven’t even begun to see the worst of it.

    I suppose even the rich in all their arrogance are as pitiful as anyone else, living in thier tiny bubbles never having to experience the suffering that others go through but my compassion doesn’t stretch far really as they will benefit from the suffering the rest of us have come to know. A dose of reality is always a good thing.

    And no one is making out better anywhere else, other countries that is…oh yeah the rich are getting richer but it’s always on the back of the poor. We’ve been there done that haven’t we? It’s only a repeat of history, lessons others will have to learn over and over again.

    But the poor WILL get smarter as a result too and will start looking for other ways to live rather than line the pockets of the rich. People dont have a choice as we’ve reached a critical time on this planet due to population, exhaustion of resources, but mostly because of our COMPLETE STUPIDITY in not foreseeing all this and not caring enough as human beings to save ourselves and one another.

    Money is being poured like blood into someone with a slashed artery frankly. Until they stop the bleeding what good is it?

    The real answer is that we ALL must be a part of the solution and that means some people have to step off their high pedestal and realize that but for the grace of God go we. The tables can turn for anyone in the blink of an eye, and until there is balance, goodwill and effort, there can’t ever be a solution.

    I heard there may even come a day when money is borrowed at ZERO prime. Imagine that. But frankly it’s gonna have to be that way. DEBT is killing us all.

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    May 1, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Our free enterprise system has survived this long on capitalistic drive by the more elite financial enterprises that hire smaller businesses to do the physical work from which their banks net profit or dividends for their investors. Thus far, financial investments in the USA have been very lucrative, but the cost of labor has become the fall guy receiving all of the blame for the ills of our economy. But, this is not true. The fact is the international bankers have secured a tighter grasp upon both ends of our economy: the supply and the demand ends. And they have wrung our economy as much as they can at this point: without persuading our government to yield to their demands for bailouts to further weaken the American taxpayers ability to resist their economic takeover of the prime real estate upon Earth: the USA. And anything sensible like you are recommending is not profitable for the elite: improving life for the masses is not in the plans of the bankers: it would come at a cost that could be profit for them.

    We need to get down on our knees wherever we are and pray to God for help. God is our only help: like the bankers are Satan’s only help.
    Laugh at me, scorn me for this recommendation if you wish. But this generation of Pharisees, is determined to reign upon us, not lead us.

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