I’m trying to determine if there really is a vocation in documenting the condition of property that is?

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financed by lending institutions; banks, credit unions, savings & loans, insurance companies, mortgage companies, or any other source of financing. I have seen an internet offer to provide a list of these, where a person with a camera(digital preferred)and internet access can contract to provide these records. Before sending any money for this source of companies, I thought I would publish this question to ascertain the validity of such an enterprize. Anyone doing this? I’ll not expect answers from the Metro Atlanta area as I would be competing in this market, especially northwest Metro. If there are positive answers, are the reports of earning $ 60-80 or more per report realistic? Also, are car expenses reimbursed? Thanks To Anyone Responding!!! James Anderson

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    Dr. Lifemaker
    April 29, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    Yea it’s called being a surveyor! and you need to be qualified! otherwise it won’t be taken seriously…welcome to life!

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