I’m mad about the first time homebuyer tax credits. Bought my house in Jan 2008 and I get nothing?

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My fiance and I closed on our first home on January 28, 2008. Now it’s time to do our taxes and we aren’t eligible for the $ 7500 tax credit because for that you had to purchase after April 2008. I was upset about that because I really don’t think it’s fair at all…I mean we purchased our first home in the 2008 tax year. Why is it that if you purchased in the first 3 months of 2008 you get nothing? I understand that the $ 7500 has to be paid back, but we could really use the money right now just like everyone else, even if it really is just an interest free loan. We are getting married later this year (although we have thought about cancelling the wedding because of money), trying really hard to make ends meet with mortgage and energy bills, plus my fiance’s company just gave everyone pay cuts at work. And now I find out that people who close on a home in 2009 get a $ 8000 credit that you don’t have to repay! I mean, that is just adding insult to injury here…I am a first time homebuyer who bought in 2008 and I get nothing? I just feel like this is really unfair. The 2009 tax credit is effetive from January 1st 2009, like it should be. Why couldn’t the 2008 have been like that??? I guess I don’t really have a question…just needed to vent. What does everyone else think?
I understand there had to be a cutoff but why couldn’t it be Jan. 1, 2008 and after? I just don’t get why it started for homes purchased in April. But yeah, I guess I did get unlucky.

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