im looking for a loan shark in denver co?

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Im in a financial emergency and i dont have the credit for a bank loan and dont qualify for a payday loan. i need about 2000 by tuesday. please please help me

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    February 9, 2014 at 4:03 am

    If it’s a mortgage problem them contact the bank and HUD. If it’s a student loan or a credit card problem then call them and discuss it and ask for a repayment plan. If you’re really over your head on everything then call Credability (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling) and have them consolidate your bills and remove some interest and set up a repayment plan. If it’s your car then, again, try to set up a repayment plan and if they take your car then go out and get a beater car. The only other way I see is to borrow from your parents. See, there are always ways out of things. If you have no shelter (no place to go) then contact Catholic Charities or your parents or relatives and move.

    Saying you are looking for a “loan shark” could very well mean super high interest that you could never pay off but the words you use you are insinuating you don’t care if your legs are broken or your life is taken in response for repayment of what you borrow, that’s what a loan shark does.

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