If you’ve purchased a Mobile Home.. What are the requirements & do you recommend living in one?

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How much (percentage) of my income is required for monthly payment, 10% down payment being my initial?
Let’s say my monthly payment is $ 400.00… do I need to earn at least 3x more than the monthly amount, which comes down to $ 1,200.00 as my income? or what is the required monthly income?

Hello .I hope you can help my problem. I am from Phil.I come over here in united states since las year. i been here for almost over a year.I made my second extention already.It takes time for me to finish my divorce. I got married way back year 2000 in las vegas to my Filipino husband. My married to him got curse in las vegas I guess.Its only like 6 months marriages.It takes times for me to go back and file a divorce here in united states.We have no children. i cant file divorce in Phil. since we have no divorce and marriages in vegas is not registered to my country. so i have come back in US so i need save money again.I meet a man internet before i come over here USA.I was thinking to meet him while im waiting divorce.I fall in love with him. and i marry him after he doesn’t want me to go home his and american citizen .I am overstay for since for 2 months now I am writing you to inquire about the exact forms I will need to
stay in the United States. I am currently living in Florida with
my husband owns his home without mortgage and has $ 150,000 to $ 200,000 in assets. Would this be enough?He has an income tax for 3 years is not big.He has business before and sold it and his living with that money he doest need to work. And since his married to me. He started his current job in November 2006.
I don’t know any other people who can join sponsor with him if ever we need too.He has no other family.His the only son no family here in the U.S.I don’t want to ask some of my friends to sponsor me .Its so hard to owe someone a favor. His mother would sponser me, she lives with us, but only receives Social Security. It is about $ 900/month.
Thank You,

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    January 30, 2011 at 11:29 am

    Do you own the land or going to pay rent in a park ? Usually there are severe restrictions on where you can put one. Actually how much you will have to put down is more conditional on your credit rating and job situation. There are some really great trailers out there that can feel like a house. Just make sure the foundation is really good where you put it and lots of insulation under it.

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    January 30, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I dont know what the exact numbers are but Im sure that if he can provide for both of you, that you should be fine.

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