If we can have a 35k mortgage?

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My husband tried the house that we lease for two years. We try to buy from a church, they ask only 35k. My husband made 62K last year paid its credit is not the best, but we can not have a bank to borrow someone 35k for a house to agree. The first thing they say is that we do not have loans of less than 50k for a house. Does anyone know of a bank or mortgage company that 35k for a family of credit less than perfect? Our time passes quickly, we have by the end of October, before moving on and I would not have my two kiddos out of school to move. Please! God bless you and have a nice day!
Ramon Freire Serrano

Castro, Chiloe

Ramón Freire Serrano (November 29, 1787 to September 12, 1851) was a Chilean politician. He was head of the country several times and enjoyed a number of monitoring the war was Bundes.Er in Santiago November 29, 1787, the son of Francisco Antonio Freire y Paz and Serrano y Gertrudis Arrechea born. An orphan from an early age, he was in his maternal uncle’s ranch near the town of Colina raised. He was an orphan once again in 16 years and moved to the city of Concepción, where he worked as a store clerk and later as an apprentice in a Handelsschiff.UnabhängigkeitskriegZu beginning of the struggle for independence in 1810, he became active in public meetings that the institution Junta accompanied the first part. In 1811, he was taught to Dragones de la Frontera, and participated in the battles of Huilquilemu, Talcahuano, El Roble and El Kilwa in the Chilean Unabhängigkeitskrieg.Von time of the disaster of Rancagua and the end of the Patria Vieja, he was a captain. With many others he crossed the Andes and went into exile in Buenos Aires. In 1816 he joined the Army of the Andes, and returned to Chile as a battalion commander by Planchón Pass (southern Chile), occupy the city of Talca, 11 February 1817.Er at the Battle of Maipú, a was promoted to colonel for his services to the independence and called Intendant of Concepción O’Higgins under management. His friendship with O’Higgins began slowly to crack, until in 1822 he took office disagreed. His name became a rallying point for discontent with O’Higgins, but the two never came to an armed conflict DirektorNach Konflikt.Als Supreme resignation of O’Higgins, he became the new Supreme Director position that he April 4, 1823 (when he was by the Junta de Representantes that O’Higgins was appointed replaced) notched 9 Juli 1826th After a brief interlude, he returned to 25 Adopted in 1827, January. His resignation on 5 February 1827 new was not accepted, and he was president on February 15 this year selected. He returned the following 5 May 1827.Während his tenure, he promoted initiatives of the enormous impact, such as the abolition of slavery, the reorganization of the defense system of the port of Valparaiso and the Chilean market opening for world trade. He also insisted on the freedom of the press and ordered all the monasteries in schools free öffnen.Am 29th December 1823, it adopted a new constitution, based on the project presented by Juan Egaña. As a highly moral document, it reflects the idea that humans can by its laws to be changed. It attempts to regulate the citizens most public and private. Such an approach can not be quickly tested for, and the constitution was exhausted after only 6 months aufgegeben.Da treasure from Chile by the wars of independence, was strong and the first foreign loans to UK banks assigned, pledged Freire created a state monopoly (estanco) become the paper, whether the gate has been attributed to tobacco, alcohol, maps and tax Cea and Co., and in a fiasco. This case was the first public commitment to the future universal Minister Portales.Außerdem Diego, he completed the independence of the entire field when he island of Chiloe, which has not yet been caught in the hands of Spaniards. After a failed military campaign in 1824, which ended in deafeat to Mocopulli, and battles Pudeto 1826 and Bella Vista, he signed the Treaty of Tantauco, in which Spain finally abandoned that mission Gebiet.Muzi Around the same time was an apostolic mission sent by Pope, and Monsignor Juan Muzi peak in Chile. The mission’s task was to establish relations between Chile and the Holy See. A conflict soon developed, such as Chile, they considered the rights of patronage of the kings of Spain retained inherited, and the Holy See felt different. In the meantime, the government has several measures to assert control over the Church as the reform of monastic orders, the confiscation of church property, and banishment of one of the bishops who opposed the independence has been active. Monsignor Muzi was adamant in his refusal, and asked for his passports, the breakdown in relations between the two Staaten.In the domestic sphere, conflicts, especially with the followers of O’Higgins, has deteriorated to such an extent Freire was during a campaign in 1825, released, taken during his return again. However, forcing many conflicts Freire withdraw in July 1826 to 9, the transfer of power to Admiral Manuel Blanco Encalada, who introduced the new title “President of the Republic” angenommen.Als president of a new revolution to return it 25th power in January 1827 as a temporary Presidente. After order was restored, he returned on Feb. 5, but his resignation was by Congress, which was confirmed as president on Feb. 15 was rejected. He finally May 5 1827.Während his time there was an attempt by José Miguel Infante has managed to establish a federal system of government. In fact, dictated by the Chilean Congress approved a series of laws to that effect. The idea was to formulate a federal republic on the example of the United States. Numerous clashes have erupted between the new member states, provinces that break the new system very quickly gemacht.Später life, he originally came to the Hacienda Cuchi-Cuchi, but returned shortly after the political struggles in the 1829th Civil War His last defeat came on the battle of Lircay. He was imprisoned and later sent into exile in Peru. Peru and with the help of Marshal Andres de Santa Cruz, he tried equipped with a small expedition to capture the island of Chiloe. After his project, he was in the port of Valparaiso, imprisoned by a military court and into exile, first temporarily on the island of Juan Fernandez, then to Tahiti in 1837 in Australia niedergelassen.Er was allowed Chile in 1842, where he lived quietly until his death on 9 Back in December 1851.

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    April 29, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    No lender does it. Why not ask the Church to hold the mortgage. Pay them monthly with interest instead of the bank Otherwise you will have to find another private lender

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    April 29, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Sorry, I don’t have an answer…I just wanted to wish you luck. What sort of stupid system won’t offer you less than a set figure to buy a house!

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    April 29, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    There are lenders who will loan less. I recently had the same problem trying to purchase a foreclosed home with a mortgage loan. (incidentally for 35k). I was referred by the REO agent to Prospect Mortgage LLC. They will loan less on a mortgage.

    Also, I don’t know where you are in the country, but you could try your smaller local banks. A lot of times they will loan less as well. You won’t see them on sites like Lending-tree or the like, but it doesn’t hurt to call and ask. Parkvale is the one in my area that will loan less than 50k. I don’t know if they make loans nationwide or not, but it might be worth looking into.

    Try google’ing Prospect, Parkvale and call your local bank, there are options out there, they just are a little harder to find.

    Good Luck

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