If these two are the only option that seems best short sale or foreclosure on a credit report?

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I know two of them difficult to reach your credit, but i) the loss of my points), the total loss to the economy here in my area (looking for a job for over 6 months now) C) less than the loss of property value, then what I have, and at the end) or a zero security fund to offset the balance due on the mortgage on my only option is to: a) permit the bank to take, or B) make a short film to sell something else is my mortgage so my VA Home Loan VA Benefit come and pay the rest (for example, I have 96,000 on my house right now is probably worth 90K if I’m lucky), so I sold off my well-90k 36k VA VA Benefit pay the bank six grandchildren and ülejäänudNii That said, it does not affect my credit in a short sale because the lender may pay the full amount just from two different sources and I will be able to keep your VA Home Loan with only a small amount of prize permitted? That real estate, bankers and lenders are out there so I did not get a clear answer … Another thing, if I trade down and still keep on my VA home loan with less amount of compensation can I get another VA home loan now or wait seven years? Thank you to all who reply and sorry this is so long I’ve been looking all over the country and they had some interviews, but I will find work

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    May 16, 2011 at 6:02 am

    the short sale may be your best bet but you may not be able to purchase for 4 years. Not totally sure on that

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