If payment is reduced many of my loan modification and my second to be wrapped in him?

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It seems that my loan can be changed from this month. He is now an underwriter. Chase is useful in this process. But I still feel a loss of what would happen if it is approved. Currently, with our first mortgage and second (WAMU / Chase) is about 45% of our puhaskasumit.Kas they do the loan principal residence, or adapt? Our house is worth close to what we owe the debt and we are currently in payments. Did they try to adapt it closer to 31% of our net revenue which would reduce the total payment of about $ 500. Is it naive to believe that this mod will actually work out a loan, or just masturbate and drive all the help ümber.Täname

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    Paul in San Diego
    April 30, 2011 at 1:22 am

    That depends on the terms they set for the modification versus what the current terms are. I did hear of a loan modification someone got where they lowered the interest rate about a point, converted the mortgage from a 30 year to a 40 year, and let them skip a couple months payments (that was just rolled into the principal). They ended up seeing about a 20% reduction in their monthly payment, plus the two skipped months helped out.

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