If loan officers or mortgage company is interested in a reference plan to lead?

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National Society plans to offer to lead PRGRAM reference for loan officers. If the industry a boost
I will work as an originator of loans for small business, but I can not search for potential borrowers. I thought leads me to a good start out, until I make better contact. I am young and inexperienced, this is my first mortgage jobs, or related, so I need advice as much as possible. Please help!

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    February 9, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Hello Every body,

    I live in the US and i really have never seen goodness shown to me this
    much in my life as i am a struggling mum with three kids and i have been going
    through really rough times in my life and my name is Helen
    Peters and in all this hard times, a worse incident occured in my life as i
    lost my job which was my only means of survival and things became really bad as
    i had bills to pay and my last son suffered a knee injury incurred when he fell
    from a tree house and the doctors informed me that he needed a surgical
    operation for his knee so he could walk again and at this point, life was
    useless to me as i have no family and no one to run to and each night, i will
    sit down and cry till the break of dun until one day, i read an advert on yahoo
    answers of man that stated that he could help people in my shoes with loans and
    in my desperate situation, i had no choice but i had to try and so shocking and
    suprising, it was like an impossibility becoming a reality, i got a loan of
    $ 75,000 USD even with my bad credit within 48 hours and my sons surgery was done
    and thank GOD it was successful and now, i am okay and living in comfort with my
    kids and i said to my self, i have never ever seen this kind of wonder in life
    and i decided i will tell it to the whole wild world and i need every one to
    thank GOD for Mr Patrick Harvey, the man GOD used to rescue me and my family
    even when all hope had been lost and gone and i will say to every one, no matter
    how dark and sinful the world is today, there are still GOD fearing and reliable
    people on earth and if you are in my former situation or require a loan
    legitimately, i will advice you contact this loan lender and you can reach him
    via patrickharvey12@yahoo.com and i want you all to pray for this man for me.

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    February 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    You develop leads by networking with real estate agents and contractors and anyone involved with homes in any way. You get them to give you referrals, you use your network.

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    February 9, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    i work for a mortgage company, there is no company that will let you cherry~pick, they go into rotation. basicly, your best option, is to start cold calling, generating your own leads, thats what i do, thats what my company incourages us to do. the best loan you can close, is the one you generate, you start a relationship with that person, they trust that they will deal with you from start to finish. you may want to start, with friends and families, that are home owners. once you get your barings about you, move on to, basic cold calls. if you need any tips on speals feel free to IM me, i would be glad to give you some pointers!

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    February 9, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Ahhhh….a mortgage rookie. Let me give you some advice that I wish someone would have given me years and years ago…

    Forget about leads. If you get sucked into calling them and servicing them you are going to hate yourself in about 2 years. Leads are really not worth anything. Yes, you can find some good borrowers buying leads, and you may make a DECENT living. But you are not going to reap the benefits of a long term career.

    Talk to Realtors, Financial Planners, CPA’s, Divorce Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys…anyone that has anything to do with the real estate industry. Keep in mind though that since the refi boom is over, everyone and their brother and sister is hitting up Realtors for a bone.

    Offer something different. Don’t send them rates everyday. They don’t care about those. Service them. Be different. Do some research of other loan officers in your area and see what they are offering. Give them great service, phenominal communication and find some leads for them and they will be your best friends. Do not get sucked into the buying leads game. I can assure you, you will fail and you will get burned out real quick.

    Don’t ever tell them that you will take a deal they send you, if you are not sure whether you can do it or not. If you tell them you will do the loan…do the loan. If you can’t do it, tell them you can’t and tell them why. It may upset them at first, but they will respect you much more in the long run.

    After about a year or so of learning the ropes, find a good lender to work for. I work for American Home Mortgage and our marketing platform is amazing. I would highly recommend looking at them later after you get some experience.

    Hope this advice helps.

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    Mohit Madaan
    February 9, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    I m a telemarketer and generate leads as per the requirement of the loan officers and mortgage companies. I am young too but experienced in cold calling. As one of my friend said no company will get you cherry pick leads but of course i can get you leads with different criterias you are specialized in. For example
    1) Some companies look for leads with customer just discharged from bankrupcy.
    2) Some companies require leads with a loan balance more than $ 500000.
    3) Some companies buy general leads but they need a lot of personal information of the customer like Social security number, DOB, name of the company where the prospect is working and a lot more information because these companies thinks that the customer will give this information only if he is really desperate to refinance.
    There are a lot of set criterias i work on.
    So if you want leads as per your requirement you can write me at refinance@Inbox.com
    I would like to add the cost of the lead depends on the criteas
    Good Luck.

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