i want to get information about a letter.what should i write in reply?

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i have just recieved a letter fromHALIFAX Bank about my mortgage account.it has been written in letter that

we recently cantacted you about your mortgage property and unfortunately we do not appear to have recieved a reply.i now have reason to believe that you may have either let your property without our consent ,or left it unoccupied.while this may be an oversight on your part,it is breach of your mortgage breach.

in these circumstances we will now take whatever action in necessaryto protect our security and we may reassess your mortgage and the basis on which we treat it.

as we have not heared from you will now treat any tenacy you have granted as unauthorised.if you are letting your propertyand wishto apply for our consent please contact us to discuss this matter further.

it is important you tell your building and contents insure,s if the property is let,or unoccupied for any time.failur to do so many results in your cover being cancelled.if you are insured through halifax general insurance please call us 0845 6006003 to discuss your circumstances.

plesae kindly tell me that what should i write in reply?

plesae kindly tell me in english.i have to ans today to this bank.

best regards.

waiting for yours reply.

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    July 17, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    It seems you should make contact personally at once. If you have been or are in violation of your mortgage, you best act quickly to get back in complance.

    I would suggest you take your documents to a real estate lawyer… soon.

    ps. This isn’t a homework question. Homework means this you’re studying in school.

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    July 17, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Your best bet is to call the # to see if the letter is real or another mortgage company trying to get your business. Look up the # for the insurance company beforehand to see if it is valid.

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