I try to obtain mortgage loans funded $ 150,000, but I have some problems with credit, can I get funding?

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I have a bankruptcy three years ago, and now all this power good payment history on some credit cards that I had more than a year. My FICO score is 572, and someone told me about the loan FHA. What are my chances of being approved, and what I can do better my guests?

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    farran abat
    April 29, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    A curious debt management plan includes combining all your debts into a single one, which is termed as debt consolidation in the field of debt management. Debt consolidation agenda can be achieved through the use of debt consolidation loan whose task is to combine and paying off all of one’s debts together through a single loan amount which charges one single rate of interest and is also lower than borrower’s any other earlier debt.

    Debt management has become easier, indeed, with the introduction of debt consolidation loan, which is open for all. There is secured debt consolidation loan for debt management which wants the borrower to pledge one of his properties as the collateral. This makes the loan cheaper as well as available for longer terms since there is security assured. However, those who are unable to put collateral, there is unsecured debt consolidation loan to help them out in their debt management venture. Moreover, it is also available for the bad credit holders enabling them to pay off the loan regularly and improving their credit record. So, with all these options available, debt management today has become an easy go, because people in debt consolidation loan, have found better option to have one loan instead of many and one interest rate instead of many. Read more about it at: http://www.credit-card-gallery.com/article/167,Debt_Management_Through_Single_Loan_Solution_Is_The_Best_Way

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