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7. How did Mussolini use gangs of fascist thugs in Italy? (1 point) on Allied prisoners bewachennach Ethiopia überfallenzur development of the new Gesetzeum terrorisieren8 his opponents. Hitler, which of the following military strategies when invading Poland? (1 point) a Sitzkriegdie Maginot Line a blitzkrieg Angriff9 U-boat. “After the Second World War, that the organization was established on the basis of the Atlantic Charter formed? (1 point) of Yalta Allianceder UN Völkerbundesder end Allianz10 Warsaw. During World War II, many Japanese Americans were interned, or (1 point) return geschickt.gesagt Japan, the United States verlassen.beschränkt in camps in remote Gebieten.gegeben special Privilegien.11. What was a goal of the Marshall Plan? Help (1 point), the U.S. buy their place in European democracies Angelegenheitenzu erstellenzu stable to withstand communism was strong trading partners in Asia, Soviet Union entwickelnin force, more emigration ermöglichen12. During the Cold War, an important goal of U.S. policy in Latin America (1 point) nuclear weapons bases built in the Zentralamerika.Förderung Latin American countries to accept U.S. investment beizutreten.Schutz American nations in Lateinamerika.verhindern Fidel Castro of Cuba.. 13 Which country controlled Korea for much of the first half of the twentieth century? (1 point) DeutschlandItalienden United StaatenJapan14. How did it change gross national product and income per capita in the 1950s? (1 point) The gross national product has increased, while income per capita gross national product gesunken.Beide and per capita income strongly gesunken.Beide gross national product and income per capita has fallen drastically erhöht.Das per capita income erhöht.15. William J. Levitt has contributed to the growth of suburbs (1 point) the mass production of Häusern.Kritik urban areas low interest Lebens.Entwerfen Hypothekardarlehen.16 Autobahnen.Bereitstellung. A technological innovation of the 1950s through research during the Second World War was promoted (1 point) Fernsehen.Radio.Autokino.Computer.

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    February 10, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    7) to terrorize his opponents
    8) a blitzkrieg
    9) the United Nations
    10) confined to camps in isolated areas.
    11) to create stable democracies that could resist communism
    12) protect American financial investments in Latin America.
    13) Japan
    14) Both Gross National Product and per capita income increased dramatically

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