I need an agent for a mortgage?

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Where can I find people who are in need refinace or buy a home

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    Lola D
    January 26, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    The best place to start getting leads is through personal referrals. Make a list of everyone your know (family, friends, old coworkers, old classmates, teachers, you mailman, your neighbors, your church members, etc). Sent them a letter or card stating you are in the mortgage business now and follow up with a call. This worked for me and I found out my 2nd grade teacher was buying a house! The golden rule is one person knows at least 4 people per year that is buying a house or refinancing. Other great ways to generate leads are: Visit open houses, Contact FSBOs, Contact home builders, and contact accountants and financial planners. Don’t forget the most important policy of being in any sales job: “Ask for the business”

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