I need advice I want to buy my first home, but first I want to know my options?

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Ok here’s the photo. I have 52,000 years of income. My credit score is 717th and I have debts (debt is my 450.00 per month), I am paid to work leasr two of them before the new year. Some ways that I said the books that I am a mortgage sah.Jetzt 1000 with this picture do you think I can be approved for a loan. About how much would it be? I live in New York the worst place to buy a house cheap. But I saw the condos around 110,000 and 120,000. They are very nice for my first Haus.Kann I afford it or not? Also, I was in a Sonème loans, such as state assistance for homebuyers, thinking first. And they allow you to make a down payment of 3%, but you need a (something like that) “Medium”. I have about 5 to 6000 for the deposit. But at what point the PMI? What is my mortgage payment to add? At that time, my rent is 1,000, and I never spät.Vielen Thanks for your help!

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    May 17, 2011 at 1:42 am

    uYour credit rating is good no problems there. The best bet is to be able to put 10-15% down. If you can manage that I don’t forsee you having any problem getting a mortgage on up to about 100k.

    I would not go over that and I wold even try to stay under 100K to insure you can still have some fun and not have to spend every dime you make on the house… There are lots of nice houses out there be patient for the right one with the right price tag.. Then pounce…..

    Oh Yeah, avoid California. Housing prices out there are ridiculous..a 600K home in California sells for about 100K in Texas. Those folks are nuts.

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