I need a partner or a busines organization WHU are interested?

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I need a partner or a busines organization WHU are interested? Loans to people in Bosnia, Its our public service programs (not foam), because many peple have our high interest rates charged on the foundations of several micro and lives in Bosnia, we barely pay loan.here many microfinanses organization that helps people with taxes at 22 on loan – 35% per year and many people have trouble repaying the loan, it is our belief that we rate.Invest for loans or less the repayment of low interest loans here Shure prity WHU office because we have a duty to examine all customers and their credit history and repayment in our country is 98%. We will do all the paperwork for our partners, including warranty, Co-Borow, mortgage, if any, and to others who also want to emphasize that in the best organization in the world 50microfinanses 12 from Bosnia This means that large earnings here know someone haben.Wenn potencional partner or are interested in this kind of busines or organization please mail to mich.snajper spinter.netthaks @ for all the answers

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    average joe
    April 29, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    you need to clean up your grammer and people will take you more serious. Use some form of spell checker before you post something like this.

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