I must know who has the title of a mobile home Pa.?

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Originally, the land purchased separately from the mobile home. Refinancing after all, the bank went bankrupt, were transferred from the mortgage to another bank that does not leave the company and the bank being the monthly mortgage payment to say, they have the title. Pa motor vehicles is not a title double or lost, because it is a lien on the (credit pending). How do I know who has the title so he can be retired and the property can be sold?


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    May 13, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    I’d contact the state corporation comission for help locating the agents and assigns of 2nd bank. If that loan is satisfied, they have a legal obligation to release the loan within generally 90 days which should allow pendot to issue duplicate title. If you are saying the 3rd lender has the loan but not the title, they are blowing you off. It will be their responsibility to release the lien and provide the title THEY HOLD as security, or fix the problem.

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