I just file bankruptcy and the trustee to ask me questions?

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I do not file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy i to 341 meetings with creditors and my problem is in my presentation, I have several home use in which a person in my name and end up not paying the house, of course , make the house from foreclosure and trustee Ask me how I was allowed to go at first I did not do, and I said to the trustees, who previously had a good job because before someone my name, my house I almost always pay for 3 years why I was upset because someone with my name and convince me that the house and pay end up paying no home when the market collapsed. I know it’s not ignorance of the law, what do you think I can do, because I might end up in prison for mortgage fraud for the transfer of my loan application, but I did not want that which counts as my finances based on credit demand of the broker may have its ty you help me

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    May 3, 2011 at 3:17 am

    it comes down to who sign it…and well we know who did that so guess what? Your responsible …don’t worry you wont get more that 14 months in prison. You will be out in about 9-10 months with good behavior.

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