I have the lottery today?

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True, I know there are probably the most frequently asked question in the world, but top 7 things! pay pay (7 for a random number) 1) Einkaufsbummel2) my fathers pay Hypothek3) Hypothek4 my mam’s) credit for my € 600 5) Porsche (I had to check the spelling of magic) 6) to buy land, the castle is on Roache, its near my house and absolutely atemberaubend7) Travel …. New Zealand to Hawaii (the ofcorse long way! try and visit every country in the world … I think I’m a little bored Ireland, although I love him I see everything! ahh I wish, what would 7 and why your

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    stalcloud-BIN G O
    May 1, 2011 at 3:37 am

    1)Buy a new house for my family
    2)Buy a new house for my mom
    3)New cars for both
    4)Shop till I drop
    5)Donate money to my city so it wasn’t so crappy
    6)Donate money to Second Harvest
    7)Vacay! See you in Hawaii girl!

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