i have had trouble with some financies last year for only 2 months. i was in contact with my mortage company?

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months prior to this. i was waiting for my social security disability to start and also my v.a. disability to be completed. this occurred in june 2009. i fell 2 months behind on my mortgage. finally in February 2010 we agreed upon a modified mortgage. i had signed and had gotten the paperwork they had sent me. i had gotten a cashiers check with the amount they requested. they received the documents and the check 6 day before the cut off. my payments were supposed to start april 1 2010. my payments i thought were up to date for the last 4 months either paid early or the 1st of the month. this company had sent me 2 other contracts and i was talking to a modification negotiator the whole time because the other 2 new contracts the payment was higher. the negotiator stated that this would all be fixed and would get back to me by c.o.b yesterday. i received a phone call from them and was told that my negotiator was changed. i called there today and they would not give me any info on my loan or what is going on. i am a totally disabled veteran on a lot of medications that cannot take all this stress over this whole situation and my wife is also on medications for anxiety over all of this is about to end up in the hospital due to all this going on, not knowing what is going on with my home. after 3 contracts i was told that all 3 of them were incorrect to include the 1st one that was completed and the check that was sent they cashed a few days after receiving it. this lender from what i understand has received bailout money from the federal govt. i feel that the 1st contract that was signed and the check was cashed that this was a legal binding contract and that my v.a. representative was thinking the same thing. we thought this was all straightened out. the 4 payments i made were in a limbo account and it was showing me to be behind 4 payments. they made the mistakes on all of these contracts and i did what they told me and they are trying to make me pay for there mistakes on these contracts. do i have a legal leg to stand on. would i be able to file a law suite on them. we cannot take much more of this stress when we cannot get any answers on this whole thing and my credit report is getting worse every month. i really need some advise to get this situation all straightened out and be over with. its time to enjoy life not waste it away.

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    May 2, 2011 at 12:13 am

    if you will give me the problem in 100 words or less, I will help you.

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    May 2, 2011 at 12:13 am

    Hello! I am sorry to hear about your struggles but it does sound like you are at the end of them. Filing a lawsuit may add some unnecessary stress to both you and your wife.

    For some mortgage companies, while you are in modification they will allow you to make payments and when they come in, they place the payment in “partial” because they are drawing up the loan documents for the modification so when they are about to print the final documents based on the interest due & principal balance, it will be accurately reflecting the partial payments that were just applied to your account.

    They did not apply your partial payments to your account which was why the monthly payment on the newly modified loan agreement was higher.

    When you call your mortgage company be calm and polite (no one wants to help someone who is rude, no one.) Ask for your negotiator, if they say that person has changed ask for their name and phone number/extension. Most often a negotiator will change, maybe they got fired or maybe they did screw up on your account & was assigned to a more tenured associate or, they can change due to the process they have pre-loss mitigation negotiators, loss mitigation negotiators and closers the closers are the final step and are those who draw up your loan documents. So, basically once you get ahold of them tell them what you’re noticing have the figures in front of you.

    A modification is a long long process. If this does go to legal, document all conversations, names and extensions (even those who answer the phone to transfer you & don’t make it seem like you’re writing it down listen to the name they state at the beginning of the call & then politely ask if we get disconnected, what is your extension so I can speak with you again)

    Good Luck I am sure this will all be over soon be patient & even though sometimes working with a bank is the worst thing ever, be polite.

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