I have a problem with my mortgage company and loan. How do I sue them?

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From the beginning,my loan contract was handled negligently. My loan documents were re-drawn 3 different times, during the final time my Property taxes were mis-calculated, having my mortgage payment one year later to increase by $ 900.00. During the remodification process someone mis-reversed(cancelled) the application. I gave $ 10,000 to participate into the plan. the company applied the money towards my past due amount mailing a $ 800.00 dollar check for their mistake. Then October 16, 2008 the company pre-qualified me for the government program, and every since the mortgage company has requested the same financial information repeatedly not moving forward with my approval,putting my home into foreclosure. I have contacted the Governor, Senators, Federal Reserve, Consumer Assistant Group, Office of Comptroller, and other offices on behave of this matter. Please respond!
When I speak with someone at my mortgage company they tell me over and over again there’s nothing more needed for the account, for the approval of the program.
It’s the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act set in place to protect consumers like me, and violation laws set into place. Remember these are professional Corporations. Certified by Federal agency;s and the Better Business Buearu’s to conduct business funded to represent the Federal government practice acts,.
Legal advise only.

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    April 30, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Your motgage company gave you ESTIMATES. They are not liable.

    Note that it is very very common (when buying a new home) for the taxes to be estimated on the unimproved land, then for it to go through the roof a year later. This happens to every new home buyer I know if they don’t have a good realtor or advice before hand.

    Nothing in your post is a law suit. People constantly try to sue their way out of everything.

    They did make some mistakes, but suing is not the answer. Get in their office and sit down with a person and get it fixed.

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