I am looking to purchase a home…?

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Here is my situation…please give advice in what I should be doing with my current income:

I live at home, only paying $ 50 a month for cell phone/cable to my parents.
I current have a take home biweekly paycheck of about $ 1200-1350 (depending on OT)
This gives me a monthly income of ((1200*26)/12) = $ 2600 (appx)
My monthly expenses include:
Gov’t Student Loan – 146 (6.10% interest, 10 years left)
Private Student Loan – 75 (3.10% interest, 20 years left)
Personal Loan – 195 (10.74%, 4 years left)
Car Insurance – 70
Cell/Cable – 50
Gasoline – 125
NY First Home Savings Plan – 188 (this is a program where you save for 10 months, and they provide a grant of $ 7500 that is yours to use for down payment, closing costs, etc.)

So what I am wondering is….assuming I have about $ 1750/month for down payment savings, debt pay-down, and of course regular spending, how should I allocate my funds? What is the best way to maximize the size of both my down payment and my mortgage, while continuing to build upon my 745 FICO score? If you need any other clarification, please just post. I will be more than happy to add further details. Thank you.

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