How would you fix the economy? Please include specifics.?

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The government now has 7Billion to “fix” the economy. I guarantee you they will not spend it as wisely as we tax payers would like. So how would you spend it? Would you use it to bail out banks, businesses, small business, people? What would you do?

If you want to include dollar amounts, fine, but you don’t have to.

Personally, I’m not sure what I’d do. For sure I would give some to those who are being wise with their money but are having to pay the price at the pump, in the grocery store, with increased interest on loans not related to the housing market. But I’d also buy some of the mortgage loans too – just not the bottom of the barrel ones. I’d help out small businesses by fixing the commercial paper business. But mostly I think I’d overhaul the rules and regs that let this happen in the first place (which probably has little to do with the 7B I’d be given.)
I like all three answers so far. I think the economy would have recovered in time on it’s own. But now that we have the money, I think it’s time for a fresh start. Let’s put together a plan that works and makes sense then hit the reboot button. The new plan can be built on many of the same principles as the current one, but you have to admit there are some crazy financial laws out there. Golden parachutes for one (although technically not a law).
Smokey, I like yours too. …except for the invasion of smaller countries thing. I think the time for expansion through conquest is over. However, I’d be for smaller nations (Hatti for example) becoming a US Territory (without voting rights until things settle down over there), especially once they see how our new plan is working.
I really like the idea of increasing foreign taxes.
While I agree that there shouldn’t have been a bailout in the first place, there was and now we the American taxpayer are going to have to pay for this $ 7billion dollar monstrosity. I just think that since the government is not going to say – oops, we shouldn’t have done that, here Mr/Ms Taxpayer, take the money back, that we should be able to say where the money goes.
I’m in perfect agreement that if left alone things would work out on their own given a little time (one to two years), but that’s not how things worked out. So now what do we do? How do we spend the money?

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