How widespread is the practice of adding payments to the back of the repayment plan under MTG provider?

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I wonder what percentage of mortgage providers have additional principal payments on the back of the repayment plan, the asset manager said hinzuzufügen.Einer on our floor that banks set repayment plan once year, when a formal request is made. If millions of poor souls, their mortgage payment that is interest-free loans to banks? PS I’m not looking for a technical answer, I presented the “interest theory” actuarial Prüfung.Die mortgage professor wrote to me that only a very small percentage of banks to add an advance on back of the repayment plan. I hope to be right. I’ll keep my bank accounts to the test as soon as I pay my HELOC. Currently, my schedule is standard loan amortization of 4 cents to 2 years.

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    May 3, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    It’s just another way for the banks to rip you off! If you pay your payment early each month, it doesn’t reduce your interest either, it is the same amount as if you paid your payment by the latest date on your statement!


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