How to return a moped?

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So, I went to a store in Forest View, Illinois. They are known for selling, buying, and repairing scooters, mopeds, go karts, motorcycles, etc. I bought a 2010 Jonway yy50qt Magnum moped. I am the first owner. The salesman guaranteed me many things, threw in a free trunk, and a 3month warranty. I bought it for $ 1390, that’s including tax. They also filled it up with oil and gas before I left the store. In less than 24 hours/15miles I discovered the speedometer doesn’t work properly, I have a quarter of a tank left after 15 mile–not 80mile like the salesman promised–and it left me stranded in, literally, the middle of traffic on a busy intersection.

The customer service was good. I called the store after the moped gave out and they came and picked me up. I left the scooter with them because they “promised” a thorough inspection and fix the problem for free. They also offered to drive me to work which was 17mile away.

However, after stressing out about the situation I have decided I no longer want the scooter. After reading the receipt I realized that its not going to be easy to get my money back. They only offer store credit, however, they are known the buy bikes. I understand that I might not get all of my money but I would at least like the majority. So, this is where I need the help. I need help coming up with every possible line or phrase to get my money back. I don’t care if I have to lie. I just need ideas on how to approach this situation without screwing myself over. Should I speak to the owner, manager, or salesman. Idk, idk, I need ideas and peoples past experience. PLEASE!

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    July 25, 2011 at 2:07 am

    They already have your money, and I might add, are taking good care of you, keep in mind, most businesses do not do this, so try to relax, you have read the sales contract, you signed it, its written in stone, you cannot spin on your thumb, make up a lie or act like a whirly twirly bird, you own the moped. At this point when you buy something new, its worth 25 percent less the second you touch the city street. This is true of new cars too. If they go and sell it for you now, the loser is you. get over it you bought it you signed the agreement get your moped back and use this as a lesson learned on what not to do, I know you were dissapointed, life can be like that, use it for awhile and then sell it, at least you dont lose your whole investment.

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