How much money (% on average) loan business loan application has been submitted?

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Hi Kim, Thanks for your comment. I have to add more details … For example, if someone would refinance the loan with $ 200K office 6K-10K (3% -5%)?. Then make another less the costs of closing costs (3K-5K), and the credit agency would be about 3K-5K to refinance? Very similar …???

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    May 16, 2011 at 5:11 am

    There’s really not a cut and dried answer to this question. In a bank, the “spread” (which is the diff between what is made on loans and what is paid out on CDs and other interest bearing accounts) changes as rates rise and fall. A good estimation might be about 3% in that instance. As far as offices that ONLY do mortgages, their income is more so from points, closing costs and fees, so again, their spread could differ quite a bit from that of a bank. They may fall closer to the 5% mark.

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