How much do Bills cost a Year in total??? Just Wondering?

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some examples are:
water bill
other stuff
i was wondering how much will it cost to live in a nice house (1 person) in bills for a whole year, what do you pay aproximately a year for bill stuff?????????????? thanks for your answers

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    March 15, 2013 at 12:48 am

    I own a home with no mortgage that has a well. My expenses are as follows. I have a wife and daughter.
    Power-Fluctuates but averages 200 including power to the well.
    Phone and Internet-95.00
    Two cell phones-157.00
    Payment on a 09 Civic-320.00
    Car and Homeowners Insurance-217.00
    After school care-107.00
    Hulu+ and Netflix-34.00
    These are all monthly bills. Food, clothes, luxuries not included.

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