How long to buy a home, you must wait for a revaluation of the equity loan?

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I bought a property and bank financed the purchase price (78k) in November 2007. The market value of the house in the region is significantly higher (110k). I have fixed terms require fixing floors refurbished, the kitchen is finished, painted, etc. So I think my house at the market. The exterior is very beautiful and there is absolutely no Probleme.Mir has been said that the current assessment will be the purchase price, until I owned the property for 1 year. Until then, I’m not going to eligibal lines refinancing or equity / Darlehen.Ist law or common practice? A mortgage broker believes they may be able to with me, but Countrywide (the holder of the mortgage today) said that the work I have to wait the year and told me to another place , mortgage gleiche.Dank

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