How do you calculate the monthly payment, if we give the calculator mortgage insurance?

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if the user wants to take a lon for the purchase of the house is house.Actually cose 10.0000 user and the amount (deposit) 2.00000 So, he wants to get a loan from the Bank 8.00000, and he a certain amount that the insurance (for Ex.5000). Now, my question is easy to pay a monthly sum of money to the bank. For the monthly payment, we like insurance, the insurance is calculated using the value of the loan amount or else.Please Give me the short technical description. Thank you in advance

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    May 15, 2011 at 12:56 am

    If you want to put down twice what the house is worth, you don’t need a mortgage.

    When you go to buy the house, you can ask the prior owner what THEY were paying for insurance.

    Your lender will calculate how much you need to pay in for the escrow account, IF you end up having escrow. Otherwise, it just becomes part of your monthly budget.

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