How do I know, our mortgage company actually paid our property taxes for tax year 2008 or not?

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How do I know that our mortgage company actually paid our property taxes for tax year 2008 or not? We bought a new house in November last year and this is our first year making the tax on ‘property taxes, mortgage interest, closing costs and points (loan fees ). We made our first payment in December 08 (January 9 for the payment) and won two Formula 1098 with two different companies, a construction company and real-estate & home mortgage company. Block 1 and 2 show a form of $ 795 and $ 7080 and a second cell 1007th show in the form of $ , I think I should, exceeds the amount (total = $ 8882) and put it on line 10 1040 to the Schedule A. I have a question Schedule 1040 Line 6 (Real estate duties). statement “If your mortgage payments and property taxes, you can deduct only the amount of the mortgage company actually paid the tax in 2008. “In fact, our mortgage payment includes property taxes. How do I know that our mortgage company actually paid taxesto our property tax in 2008 or not? Is this amount should be invited to each year before the tax return or should it somehow find (in contact with our mortgage company) My guess is:? they have not paid their property taxes because they received our first payment last week December 08.Aga when searching the Internet, I read the articles “to find their property taxes and tax laws are generally derived from Appendix A. Mortgage interest is generally already included in the confirmation of the Rules of Form 1098 from your mortgage lender “I checked my statement and I saw the line of the city.” 07/11/2008 to 01/01/2009 County Tax: $ 100.43 “as” the amount receivable. Borrower “and” the amount owed by the seller “Does this mean my property taxes for 2008 is $ 100.43 My question may be confusing for everyone to stick to my original question: How do I that our mortgage company actually paid the tax to our property taxes in 2008 or not?

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    David Z
    February 3, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    For tax purposes it does not matter when the bank pays your real estate taxes. When you make loan payment which includes taxes the IRS considers that as paid taxes. Your bank will report this number to you. Yes that is the $ 100.43

    Now having said that you can probably log into your loan account at your lender’s website to see when they disbursed excrow funds and paid your taxes if you are curious.

    Or check with your county clerk to see when tax bill was paid.

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    February 3, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    My country clerk mailed me a postcard as a receipt that it was paid. I would call if you aren’t sure.

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