How do I go about getting a Yen Mortgage? And is it good time?

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I have hear little bits about the low cost and stability of borrowing money in Japanese Yen. I wonder if its possible to switch my British mortgage to a Yen Loan. If so how so? And what is the forecast future of this currency Yen to GBP?

Any feedback or advice appreciated….

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    Rush is a band
    January 23, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    The only way that’ll work is if the current note holder will accept payment in Yen. If you are in the UK and borrowed pounds, they want to be paid in pounds, not yen.

    good luck!

    By the way – the only thing that will do for you is add the complexity of a currency exchange rate into your life. If the Yen suddenly appreciates against the pound then more of your pounds have to go to buy yen.

    If anyone really knew the forecasted future of Yen vs. GBP they would be really rich!

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