How do I get my name off of a mortgage?

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I am a cosigner on a mortgage with my mother for the house that she currently lives in. I have not lived in that house or contributed to it since she mortgaged it about 3 years ago. I recently found out that she is not making the payments and that the house is in foreclosure. I need help ASAP trying to get my name off of this mortgage because it is hindering me from my future and my ability to buy a house or car. I was very young (18 or 19 years old) when I signed the mortgage and had no clue what I was doing. I had lived in a trailer my whole life and wanted to do whatever I could to get my family into a house.

I had spoken to the bank and was informed that the only way to get my name off the mortgage was if my mother assumed the loan or refinanced. She cannot assume the loan since the payments are not current and they have to be current for up to 2 years before she can do so. And I don’t know about refinancing.

Please, I need someone’s help and advice on what to do. I can’t really afford a lawyer and I don’t know the first thing about going about looking for one. Someone told me I could get a public defender, but again I have no idea how to go about looking for one.

Thank you to whoever can help.


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