How do I get a job with no work experience but lots of volunteer experience?

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I’ve been trying since I came back from college and I want to get a job before the high school kids get out (half-way through June). I need one because I have to pay off credit card debt and I leave for college in the fall in 3 months! I’ve applied to over 15 places and nobody has called me back. I have no work experience but a lot of volunteer experience. I’ve applied to A&F and Hollister as a model (sales person in the front), J Crew, Best Buy(rejected), Banana Republic, Dillards, Nordstrom (got rejected), and AE as a sales person, Starbucks as a barista, and even GameStop (I have quite a bit of knowledge about games). A lot of places require at least 1 year retail experience and even entry-level jobs haven’t called me back. My friends told me to follow up which I did with every store and they all said they’d call me back if they needed a position. I’m still waiting for Hollister and A&F (they said “if you don’t hear from us in 5 days, you probably didn’t get the position” and I’m not sure whether that means I’m rejected, should call in to follow up, or just wait). Am I doing something wrong?

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