How do I become a mortgage broker in ohio?

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I know the mortgage industry is in a mess right now, but I am looking toward the future when we rebound. Wondering what requirments there are to become a mortgage broker in Ohio. I am looking to work this industry on the side, as I already have a full time sales job. Also what are the typical commisions paid to brokers for sub-prime, prime, and jumbo mortgage loans…is this split with the company you work for? I already work 100% commission, so that is not a problem. Any input on this career is greatly appreciated, ie the ups and downs.

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    Traverse City Agent
    February 3, 2011 at 12:09 am

    Here’s a link to the application required by the state. It included a list of requirements to be eligable.

    I would start by getting some of the required education. You may want to also work for a company before typing to open your own brokerage. Even if you only work in a related field it will be very helpful later on. Such as as a real estate assistant to a successful real estate agent.

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