How do I become a good loan processor?

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I will take a new job, but with a mortgage broker, I need to hold more files, so there is no advice or software that I use to follow, can do what I should do in each file. My volume so I have to be on track someone müssen.Hat models or an Excel spreadsheet, they can send me to help me organize what to do on each file?

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    April 29, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    I love colored post it tabs to keep my files organized. I write what the doc is (title, appraisal, income…etc) and it takes up less time trying to find a doc in a large cluttered file. I also keep all my junk on the left. I am selective about what I toss until after the file has closed and funded. Also I found in this line of work it is very important to have good relationships with your 3rd party people. I get a lot done just cause I am able to have strings pulled. I am always appreciative of a good job done w/ my 3rd party people. Also if you use Calyx Point or Encompass as long as you put all the info in there you are organized. You know when you ordered docs, locked the loan, convo log…all the goodies. And last but not least. Pay attention to detail. One little missed item on an appraisal or title will kill your deal! Make a Q.C. checklist and use it for every file so that it is uniform.

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