How can you justify the Government (YOU & ME)bailing out those who can’t afford increased home interest rates?

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Thirteen years ago we built our house and we paid it off in 6.
We bought a vacation home and paid it off.
We do not take out loans to buy our cars – we wait until we have the money.
We also own hunting land in 2 parts of the state.

WE WERE YOUNG AND POOR when we got married 25 years ago. We went without things until we could AFFORD them.
Today’s SOCIALIST mentality is that EVERYONE deserves what everyone else has – even if they don’t want to work as hard for it. HILLARY – “We will take things from you for the common good.”

NO one GAVE us a break. We paid 10% interest on our first home mortgage which left us with a house that was smaller than my current deck. Yet, I did not look for the Government to get me a bigger home even though there were people on Goverment assistance living in bigger places than us.

We CHOSE to have our kids while we were young and knew it would be a struggle but we never ONCE looked to ANYONE to give us anything.

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