How can I pull the ARV equity out of a rental property without seasoning?

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A mortgage would be fine. I have good credit and a rental property (single family home) that I have renovated. I have had the property for 2 months so it is not seasoned yet. There is about $ 50k in equity now. I want to keep the property. How can I pull it out now without waiting? I would like to buy another house and need the cash for repairs. Then I will be in the same situation of pulling the equity from the next place. My mortgage broker says that I need 6 months seasoning. I will be getting a couple commercial loans but not for a few more months. Ideas?

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    Andrew O
    April 29, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Get a HELOC on the house. Higher interest but you could get it now. Then refi once you are seasoned.

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