how can i get hold of 3000-3500 pounds?

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i have been looking at a 12 day course in london that will greatly improve my chances of getting a job in the industry that i have studied for the past 2 years.

the thing is that the course fees alone is around 2500 and then i would need flight and accomodation money.

the bank will not even entertain me and i already owe my local credit union a lot.
this is a lot of money to me.

there is one route i thought i could go which is as follows…my local jobs centre have a scheme in which they are able to issue a grant of up to 3000 to send unemployed people on courses that will help them get a job. but the catch is that they WILL NOT issue these grants unless they have solid proof and in writing from the given company that they have a job waiting for me once i have completed the course. now i have approached the company that run the course (which is wind turbine blade inspection and repair) and they told me that it is out of the question that they will put anything in writing that about a possible job incase i am not successfull in completing the course and then it is something that i could use against them.
however they have told me that if i did complete the course that there is a good chance that they would take me on as i am based in ireland and they have recently opened an office here and this would mean they wouldnt have to go to the hassle of relocating people from england or germany, where the company originated….

can anybody give me any advice or ideas as to how i can get so much money??

please someone answer, this is very important to me

thank you.

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    Allan Burns
    July 21, 2011 at 2:57 am

    if your job centre will offer the money in exchange for some type of garuntee , you should contact the employer from the centre so that it can be explained more effectively to them. no company can garauntee a job but maybe with the understanding that after completion they would be willing to offer employment the centere may agree to offer the grant..

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