house centipedes…will they really go away?

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We just moved into a house…my boyfriend bought it with his mom and we are living in the mostly finished walkout basement. We are redoing the kitchen, bathroom and extending the bedroom into the storage space that is currently unfinished (french drain). So, we have house centipedes and i am going to die. We sprayed ourselves which seems to have helped, since we only saw 2-3 alive on the same day we sprayed and only 2 tiny tiny babies since. We sprayed yesterday and the exterminator is coming tomorrow. We bought a dehumidifier. I am super afraid that these disgusting ugly beasts will still come around even if we do all of the above and keep up with the exterminator. I am wondering of any experiences people have had with them…what you did and any success? They absolutely need to go away and if i see one more i think i am going to have a heart attack. This is horrible…i am so worried they will come back or never leave and now we have to live in this house…we are STUCK! Please…any help is super greatly appreciated!
Chris P- “This is a very serious situation so don’t freak out.”


and they will not attack me because i will squash the shit out of them. they are not centipedes like the worm kind. look ’em up….”house centipedes”.

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    Chris P
    November 10, 2011 at 3:16 am

    Centipedes are poisonous. In fact it is better to get bit by a random spider than a centipede. You can die. This is a very serious situation so don’t freak out. If you see one don’t try to get too close. It can think you are trying to attack it and it will attack you right back. After the exterminator does his work try buying a product called Seven Dust and sprinkle it all around the outside of your house 15m radius. It won’t kill plants and it is designed to only kill the creepy crawlies. They won’t get anywhere near your house because the dust will kill them.

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    Rottie Mom
    November 10, 2011 at 4:09 am

    Centipedes are drawn by dampness. If you can keep your dehumidifier running that ought to go a long way toward keeping the centipedes out. They’re truly disgusting creatures.

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    M. Farquhar
    November 10, 2011 at 4:14 am

    Good luck with House Centipedes – they are VERY difficult to get rid of, sorry. Every apartment and house I have ever lived in has had them, usually they have been in the dwelling for years and years. When you remodel the house, do a real good job and seal off as many gaps/cracks as you can and put down a residual spray of some kind. IMO, exterminators are a joke. They will leave your wallet flat and all they do is spray a few spritz here and there of pesticide, which barely works. Save your money and do the pest control yourself.

    Also, FYI – for those who think Centipedes are limited to the Basement or 1st floor, think again. I live in an apartment on the EIGHTH floor and see almost as many as I used to as the first floor of any home. I don’t see babies often, just the huge 4-5″ monsters. I’ve probably killed close to 50 in the last year or so. Classy to guests who come over and see nice big brown stains on my walls from each one I’ve squashed.

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