Home Mortgage: Make payment by credit card offer?

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History: This person will be used for mortgage 7 months. At that time, he had no debts / loans and funds in his bank account had gone through zu.Bank loan approval and approve this person for various types of loans (80/20, 80/15 / 5, etc.) by looking at salary, bank statements etc. This person went ahead and signed a contract with architects to build a new hotel.The things have changed and now this person has no money to do another 5% and still want to purchse return home because there are enough credit card offers balance transfer, it can use to 5% or 20%, without thinking to make a gehen.Ich problem, my question is, would have problems with bank deposits with a balance transfer credit card? Is there a bank how would this person know ux money to a company credit card (if it is not appropriate, because they will run a credit report again)? Has anyone done so? legal problems with this approach? Thank you! QAData

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